MRS offers a wide variety of radio and satellite maritime communications services:

I. Accounting, administration and settlement of radio bills (AA):

We consolidated all the traffic bills received from the land earth stations in a single invoice, in a single currency to send it to the clients avoiding the extensive paper work to our valuable clients. We pay to land earth stations the traffic bills for communications generated by our ships on behalf of our customers.
We offer the following Radio Accounting Contracts for the ships:

  • Regular Contracts: valid for one year
  • Representative Contracts: for vessels that not generate radio traffic invoices
  • Contracts for vessel of special registrations: usually are valid for 3 months and have low cost.

II. Registration of email accounts:

We register the e-mails addresses of the companies to have communications from shore to ship through the Inmarsat C terminals.

III. Full term Radio Licenses:

Our specialized personnel will Pre-review the radio license applications received from the customer and will follow-up it to avoid discrepancies and unjustified expenses for the delays in radio license issuances, we assure the quick obtainment of your full term radio license.

IV. Activations or Deactivations of INMARSAT terminals:

We can activate/deactivate the INMARSAT units on board the ships or airplanes. Through our PSA 3175, the Activation or deactivation process will take minutes after their request.


We assist to our clients to obtain the LRIT Certificate for the vessels registered in any Flag State.

VI. Satellite telephones to buy or rent:

  • Inmarsat
  • Iridium

Activation of Sim Cards, free of charge
The best price in air time